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21 August 2020 - Yvette Photoshoot, phot
Project - Drawing 11529102896064772924.p
21 August 2020 - Yvette Photoshoot, phot
21 August 2020 - Yvette Photoshoot, phot

Yvette Kissi is an independent artist and textile designer, currently living and working in London, UK. Her work is informed by her curiosity of the origins and connotations of colour, and the interaction between the artist and chosen material

Project - Drawing 17764698945039925301.p
"My unique practice encompasses all that I am, merging design and visual art"

perception | place | heritage | colour | process



I was not disappointed-the colours were exquisite and certainly had movement; you feel like you are wearing a work of art. I highly recommend Yvette's work, her unique, dynamic play of colour and texture will always have you coming back for another look 

Diana R

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