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21 August 2020 - Yvette Photoshoot, phot
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21 August 2020 - Yvette Photoshoot, photo credit Cristina Schek (239).jpg

“[I am interested in textile because it is] Always in motion, anytime you touch something, there is bound to be a change.

The idea of a sheet that you can shape and reshape. It can be on the floor, it can be up on the ceiling, it can be up on the wall, all that fluidity is behind the concept.” 


El Anatsui 

The Nomadic Aesthetic 

Yvette Kissi is an emerging London based, British Ghanaian  painter, textile designer and visual artist. 


As a resident member of Textiles Hub London she explores her innate intrigue of colour, material processes and her cultural and creative heritage to create abstract, mixed media paintings and textiles which also explore a relationship between the artist and material during the process.


Through experimental paintings, in which seamless colour blends and dynamic textural forms are created, she allows the paint to act and react without heavy influence and manipulation to control the outcome. This method of painting creates spontaneous, textural works exploring movement and a personal relationship between control and improvisation.

Informed colour combinations and stories which convey a vibrancy, elegance and complexity, are then transformed once printed onto fabric. With textiles as the final form, these ‘paintings’ can be draped, shaped and reshaped, introducing fluidity and movement whether on the body or hung in interior spaces.  

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