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Welcome to The Making Of...

"If a story is in you it has to come out"

~ William Faulkner


Welcome to The Making Of... a space I have cultivated to share greater insight into my creative process, influences and my creative journey. The heart of Yvette Kissi.

As an artist and textile designer I have come to value the beauty in the process as well as the outcome. The 'happy accidents', moments of pause, inspiring explorations and the process of creating in general.

It's these moments I have come to value in my practice and have decided to share with you in more depth through The Making Of...

You can look forward to posts about inspirations from my travels and heritage as well as collaborations, works in progress and a behind the scenes look at how I am developing my debut collection of work from my London studio as a resident member of Textiles Hub London.

I'm excited to share my creative journey with you!

Where to find me...

Twitter: @yvettekissi

Instagram: @yvettekissi

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