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Creatively Sustainable: Yvette Kissi & Kapdaa-The Offcut Company

Updated: Nov 11, 2019

In collaboration with the amazing team and artisans at Kapdaa - The Offcut Company , I began the journey to creatively reduce textile waste during my creative process.

We developed a unique line of handcrafted bespoke notebooks using a diverse range of textile samples which would have otherwise gone to waste.

Derived from complex and intricate mixed media paintings, sampling is an important part of the design process, crucial to identifying appropriate fabrics and refining the details and colours of each textile design.

Whilst I believe in letting the development of a painting, design or collection naturally take and change course, I became increasingly conscious of the amount of fabric samples I had accumulated.

The goal was to recycle each offcut in a unique and sustainable way as I am aware of the environmental impact these textile offcuts would have if they were simply discarded and to my delight Kapdaa was interested in collaborating to do just that.

The nature of the prints featured in this collection mean that each notebook, even when cut from the same cloth/design, has its own character and is one of a kind.

Featuring digitally printed and hand printed work, the collection has a range of designs, forming two sub collections:

Architectural Abstraction features designs inspired by the geometry and structural forms found in the built environment.

F L O W is a body of work currently in development in which all designs are derived from complex abstract mixed media paintings.

Not only has Kapdaa been instrumental in breathing new life and giving a purpose to my beloved fabrics, they are also committed to ethically supporting artisans in Mumbai, India by keeping their handcrafted skills alive. As an artist and designer who uses and values the role of handcrafted techniques in my own design process, this is something I am glad to be a part of.

I'm very excited to be releasing the collection at the beginning of November 2019 and I will also have a small selection available at

(22nd-24th November). With FSC-certified sustainable and recycled plain paper, these A6 notebooks make the perfect gift (or treat for yourself).

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