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  • Yvette Kissi


Thank you for joining me on this creative journey

I hold in my hand just a piece of my heritage

My Ghanaian heritage

My Creative heritage

My heritage that drives me and inspires me as a young black woman and artist


It's part of who I am

This time, and times passed has been incredibly difficult, challenging, massively affecting, and words have failed me on many occasions and my mind has been a tangled mess of emotions.

Like many of us it has made us remember many racially motivated incidents and prejudices we have experienced whilst growing up black

The conversation and action needs to continue.

We are human

We matter

We are all valuable

Thank you for the love, the support and the unity. Let's continue in love to unlearn discriminatory beliefs and take the pledges made here online to heart.

To be open to a change in perspective

To challenge prejudice

It's ok to have those meaningful, difficult conversations, be open to listen.

May the compassion that has emerged be sustained in our hearts and in our actions towards each other.

If you'd like to find out ways you can help and/or learn about the cause there is a list of resources here

"For as sure as kindness leans into what is good, it also speaks of what isn't right. It is compassionate and gentle when long histories are pulled from mourning to morning" Morgan Harper Nichols

With love,


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