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Deep navy sits alongside a bold intricate pattern on The Azurite Skinny Scarf. This beautifully complex piece is the perfect touch of elegance, detail and style. 


Wear long as a scarf, tie as a belt or around your wrist as the perfect accessory 


Thin: Approximately 190 x 7 cm 

Wide: Approximately 190 x 11 cm

100% Silk 

Silk Care

The Azurite Skinny Scarf

PriceFrom £50.00

    Fill a clean sink with enough cool water to immerse your silk scarf 
    & add a small amount of delicates liquid detergent

    Immerse your scarf and gently agitate for 3-5 minutes
    and rinse well in cold water until it runs clear and 
    all the detergent has been washed out

    Use a clean towel to absorb excess water (do not wring)
     Hang or lay your scarf flat to air dry

    If needed, iron on a low heat setting, be sure to test the iron on
    the edge of your scarf to make sure it isn’t too hot

    Please note that some colour may run during the first wash but
    this should not compromise the integrity of the fabric or print

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